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Hey guys! It’s me again with another topic/tips. I could say that I’ve pretty much went to a lot of weddings since I was a kid. So, as I grow up I realized that what you wear to a wedding is kinda an important thing to consider.

I’m not saying this to emphasize on the fashion and trend, but also safety and hygiene....I think...Weddings can be a messy place, especially if it’s outdoor and/or there’s kids.

So, this week I’m going to share some tips on what to wear on attending a wedding (hey, it rhymes!).

Tip #1 : If the wedding is an outdoor wedding, be it at the park, or garden,  or lake or any outdoor places, make sure you wear something simple because you never know what’s the weather will be. It could be super hot or many super cold or raining. Which bring us to.....

Tips #2 : Always bring a spare clothes, this also includes underwear, because you never know. But seriously, prepare a spare shirt or cardigan or jacket. The cardigan and jacket is for if the weather is cold, so you can just put them on. Plus, since there are too many people there, you never know if someone might wear the exact same shirt as you are. So, if you have a spare shirt, you can just change.

Tips #3 : ATTENTION LADIES! Make sure when you attend a wedding, just wear something beautiful but not too outstanding because you don’t wanna have people’s attention to you and not the bride. Trust me, you don’t wanna have that because the bride might turns into a bridezilla and she will hate you forever.

Tips #4 : This goes for both male and female. Try not to wear anything white when attending a wedding because you will regret it for the rest of your life. As I mentioned, wedding can be a messy place whether an outdoor or indoor, it will still be a messy place. So if you’re wearing anything white, you’ll feel like you’re on a landmine, booby traps are everywhere.

 Tips #5 : This is not really a what-to-wear tips but it involve your clothes. Avoid being around kids, especially when they have food in their hands. It’s okay if you’re not nice to kids on the wedding day because what’s the point of being nice and then you’ll hate them after they showed you their “gratitude” by smearing chocolates on your shirt or pants? So, just AVOID KIDS at any cause.

So, that’s all the tips I got for you this week.

And this week I wanna know, is there any other tips I missed? Have you experienced any of those situations?

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