Monday, October 24, 2011


Great news,I used my own picture as profile picture and I already updated my blog after almost 3 weeks...but I'm not happy right now because I'm mad at my boss because of something that is too long to write it here but you guys know how he is,right???He never gives me credit n he mad at me because of some honest mistakes...I was like "what?What do you think I've been doing for all this time?"..(I didn't say that to him)...but when I got back to work after my break,he start talking to me with a very gentle way.....but I'm not gonna fall for that because he sometimes do that.Maybe that's how he shows that he's not mad anymore or something...but I'm still with my serious face,like I'm still mad...LOL.BTW,you are allow to give a comment for my,go ahead,leave your comment....besides that,after I got back from Burgerking(online),I hang out with my bffs @A's house...drinking strawberry smoothies made by A,it's delicious...Thanks A :) ...It's about to rain....heavily I bet because the clouds are turning dark and it's crazy windy outside....I think it's because I'm in a bad mood right now.....And it is,it is raining prediction is correct......

I'm still pist at my boss,so I make a serious face.....I didn't say a word to him...I'm gonna hang out with both of my bffs(again),at McDonald(again)to discuss about our trip to Genting Highland..... :) but it's not confirm yet,that's why we're about to discuss it......we have decided to go but I'm not gonna tell you guys when,so you just have to wait for the time when I blog about it.... :)

Earlier,I was not in a very good mood,besides being mad at my boss,i was a little frustrated because hoping that 'it'(I'm not gonna mention the gender)is more friendly,I mean I understand that 'it' is busy but I was hoping that 'it' reply to my text,instead 'it' didn't....and it was not just an empty talk,I need 'it's' help...but I guess 'it' is not the person that I thought 'it' is.....Something surprising boss noticed my serious face....he asked me if I have any problem working know what I said???......I said "Nothing,I'm fine.If I have a problem,I'll tell you,".......that's what I said,when before I was planning to tell him all that stuff I told you guys...but you know what,I will tell him because right now,I was actually surprised that he noticed it and i wasn't ready....maybe I'll be ready next time...and about 'it',I will also tell 'it' the truth of 'it's' attitude....maybe it's better to not know how to contact with someone that we thought we know who they really that we can just know them as a good person......

Listening to 'Vincent' by Don Mclean,it's an addition to my sadness...I Haven't talk to my boss today,not a word...but my anger to him is lesser now because he realised the changes in's sunny outside but inside it's dark(but not really dark)....since yesterday,I have to type all our customer's details in a computer.....I miss my chair because when I have to key in the customer's details,I have to change places,it's a bit far from my original seat but right now,I'm sitting at my own chair to monitor the shop while my boss cutting the lens at the back...from the place where the computer is,I can't see if someone come in to the shop.....I just tell him(my boss)about what I told you guys,he almost laugh......and after I told him,I just walk away....I don't know what will happen tomorrow.....

A bit awkward for me,but we haven't say a word since I got in....We talked a bit just 2 or 3 words LOL......I have a secret that I want to share with you all,I accidentally miscalculated the stock but not all of it,just 1 section(we divided our stocks in sections)....actually for a few days I'd all start when we rearrange the spectacles...the real amount was 65 pieces,but then after the rearrange thing,I counted and it was 66,I counted for 2 or 3 times but still I got 66 and I thought he added 1 glasses,i didn't ask him(big mistake)because I was mad at him and he will be panic if I miscalculated something(he is like that).....then yesterday,it was 65 again,I told my boss that it is less 1 spectacles,then he was like surprise and I panic,so I told him that it is still 66....Now,I don't know what to doif he finds out....

Today is not so awkward anymore,a bit better.....BTW,it's sunny outside...hopefully I can update my blog tomorrow...I don't the same thing happen again like last few weeks....Oh,beside that,our trip to Genting Highland might be cancel because of the weather and's being raining a few days lately,so it might be dangerous to go,we have cancel it...but it's fine with me because that place is not going anywhere,we can just go there later... :) I change the amount of the glasses back to the original amount,I mean the correct amount....but I didn't tell my boss because he will be like so freak and maybe fire me....LOl,just kidding..but I did change it and not telling my boss....So tomorrow will be another 'talk' with 'it'....I already talk to my one down,one more to go....wish me luck.....


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